Laminating Film Materials

Laminating Film Materials

Including Printing & packing functional base film, Eco thermal laminating film, 3D Lenticular film, Laminating equipment, 3D picture, cultural creative, etc.

Functional Substrate in Printing and Packaging

Functional substrate includes many varieties, such as, shallow net substrate with colorful-printing, environment-friendly laminating film substrate, reserved substrate without bottom coating and the substrate for functional film. It is widely used in printing, packaging, bag-producing and products of film and so on.

Shallow net substrate with colorful-printing:The uniformity of color is great. The matting performance is good. The gloss of surface is high. And the reproducibility of dot is good. It is used in printing and food-packaging, and is used as advanced substrate for pre-coating film.

Reserved substrate without bottom coating :Through adopting special arts, this kind of substrate can directly agglutinate with EVA glue layer without adhesive.

The substrate for functional film:It provides reserved substrate for many kinds of functional film, such as, scratch resistance, soft surface and digital. It can make sure the performance of the functional film.

Full range of Environment-friendly Laminating Film

Full range of environment-friendly laminating film mainly includes two types: universal and functional laminating film, covering four major series and more than eighty kinds of environment-friendly laminating film products, BOPP, PET, Nylon, functional film included.

Universal pre-coating film:

It includes BOPP Light/Matt film, laminating film with color, PET Light/Matt film and other 60 kinds of products, widely used in laminating film in printing and packaging.

Functional pre-coating film:

It includes many kinds of functional film, such as, soft surface, cards, scratch resistance, viscosity, digital, metal wire drawing, metal flash, matte and clouds. It can meet the special needs for laminating film in the producing arts of printing and packaging. Different kinds of functional film will show different effects and texture. They can be used in special packaging, digital printing and advanced gift boxes and other advanced packaging products.

Laminating Machine of laminating film

Laminating machine of precoating film:

KDX's film equipment covers two types for either businesses and industries, 7 categories, and 28 specifications. Characterized by a high degree of automation, stable quality, high production efficiency, low material consumption, and convenient operations, the film equipment can meet the printing-packaging industry's demands for covered film in many products, such as, businesses, books, color boxes, and handbags.

Technical specifications:

Minimum size:320/410(W)X 290/390/450/500(L)mm

Maximum size:1050/1250D(W)X 910/1220/1450/1650(L)mm

Best paper weight:80—650g/m2

Maximum working speed:100m/min

Mounted Equipment of 3D Image

Mounted equipment of 3D image can mount 3D grating printing with paper. Characterized by precise contraposition, high production efficiency, low material consumption and convenient operation, the mounted equipment is suitable for the fields of printing-packaging and 3D image.

Technical specifications:

Minimum size:320X320mm

Maximum size:700X700mm

Best paper weight:128—350g/m2

Maximum working speed:12m/min

High precision 3D grating film

The 3D Product of Image

Relying on the core glasses-free 3D technology, the application group has successfully built TouchFound smart vending machines, smart mirrors, 3D large screens without glasses, glasses-free 3D TVs, capacity touch screens and other core products. The core technology has been successfully implemented into different industries, such as, smart retailing, education, healthcare, media and exhibition, providing customers with integrative and matched technical services of hardware and solutions. Through large-scale production, the core product of this group provides convenient service for users and smart videos to enjoy. It is now used in supermarkets, gyms, airports, entertainment facilities and many other locations. It converges the end users,and is already achieving initial success.


Flexible Materials

Since the plate of photoelectric flexible materials was set up in 2014, KDX quickly  established the research and development team led by talent people including one thousand talents from "thousand-people plan" and returned doctors who all have a global vision. Relying on KDX's existing R&D abilities in new materials, new technology and new equipment, this team adopts the dual mode of development with its independent innovation and resources integration, actively promoting advancement in many fields, such as, flexible electronics, smart vehicle, flexible energy, and smart city.

After nearly two years of development, KDX has mastered a number of key flexible technologies. In the new field of displays, we provide top packaging materials of flexible display as a starting point to extend continuously to the field of flexible display through many ways, such as, independent research, the integration of resources, alliances, acquisitions and so on. Currently, KDX has made a large progress in the development of low resistance electrodes, flexible packaging, flexible substrates, flexible touch and other aspects. Meanwhile, the market-extension is ongoing and successful.

In the future, KDX will become the major manufacturer and partner in the field of flexible materials. KDX is committed to providing customers with a set of solutions of flexible products to achieve mutual benefits and win-winsituations!

Optoelectronic Materials of Display

Product of diffusion film are used in backlight module of LCD display part. According to the difference of performance, diffusion film is divided into lower diffusion film and upper diffusion film. Close to light guide plate, the lower diffusion film is used to guide the uneven light source into surface light source that is even distribution and fuzzy network, at the same time to cover the light guide plate printing dot or other optical defects. The upper diffusion film is put in the upper side of the backlight module. With the penetrating ability of high-light, the upper diffusion film can improve visual angle and the softness of the light, diffusing and protecting the brightness-enhancing film.

Optoelectronic Materials of Non-Display

Optoelectronic materials of non-display mainly include the following three categories of products:

window film, film for decorating, 3D picture


Window Film

Relying on the strong ability of KDX, KDX window film fully widely used in the fields of thermo-insulated car, building, saving energy, decorating and safety. KDX can provide environment-friendly, comfortable and safe travelling style and lifestyle. KDX window film is characterized by high resolution, high insulation, low reflection, anti glare, anti scratch, private peep, explosion prevention and safety of UV, never fading, beautiful, and environment-friendly. The brand is approved and recommended by IWFA, TS16949, The Skin Cancer Foundation Association and other authority organizations.


Film for Decorating

The surface of special decorative film has high-clear microstructure. It has fine 3D structure and great texture in surface. The film is suitable for car decorating, including car-body decorating and the interior decorating. With the colorful decorative effects, the film is easy to clean and brings more additional functions to product which using this film to decorate.

Special tape

Special tape

KDX is developing the forefront of new polymer materials including shading tape, foam tape, masking tape, easy tear tape, ultra-thin lithium battery PI double-sided tape and other special tape, connecting and fixing are widely used in mobile phone, tablet computer, television and other electronic components.

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