Group Overview

About KDX

  KDX was founded in August 2001, is a polymer material technology enterprises. Near 20 years, KDX as the industry leader, has filled many domestic gaps in the domestic laminating film and optical film industry, successfully realized the substitution of imported products and moved to the forefront of the industry, becoming a leading domestic polymer film material technology and industry platform.

   KDX always adhere to the technology R&D to lead the development. By the end of 2020, KDX has applied for more than 1600 patents, and obtained nearly 900 licenses, leading the industry in the number of patents. KDX is a national green printing standard setting unit, leading and participating in the development of more than 30 optical film industry technical standards, Master the 8 core technologies covering the forefront of each link of the industry chain, including resin、 precision mold 、 design  of optical film structures at the front of the industry chain, co-extrusion stretching at the end of production, high precision coating, and at the end-produced Co-extrusion、 High precision coating、Multi-cavity vacuum Sputtering、UV-curing and Flexible material for printing and packaging. In 2017, KDX was rated as the "100 Most Innovative Companies in the World" by Forbes, and was the only polymer materials company on the list that year.

   Now, KDX mainly includes display materials, electronic materials, heat insulation and protection materials, extrusion materials and packaging and printing materials five business segments.  Products have been widely used in the downstream industries such as screen display and communication equipment, consumer electronics, automotive and architectural glass, home appliance decoration and various product packaging.

   KDX will continue to integrate resources to build a leading industrial platform for advanced polymer film materials. While providing serialization products to the market, KDX will also support downstream industries to carry out cutting-edge product R&D, to provide strong strategic support for China's industrial development, and contribute to the development of "Made in China" towards "Created in China".

Enterprise Culture

Excellence: KDX is committed to introducing excellent products by exploring and innovating the advanced polymer industry.

Innovation: KDX has achieved growth by innovating its technologies, products, business models, mechanisms and organization.

Inclusiveness: KDX has a diversified team composed of more than 6,000 professionals from all over the world to serve customers both at home and abroad.

Responsibility: KDX has been fulfilling its social responsibilities and actively engaged in public welfare undertakings and the promotion of a green life, making unremitting efforts to help China rise up among the community of nations.


  • 2017

    Top 100 the world's most innovative enterprise of Forbes

    list of national manufacturing single champion enterprises

    The most investment value listed company

    Outstanding board of directors of strategic listed companies 

    A share listed company industry champion

    Award for innovation in manufacturing”Jinchangcheng benchmarking enterprises

    The sixty-eighth American Print Awards "special innovation" award

    2017 HR Asia Awards "best business employer Award for Asia"

    2017 CITE Gold Award for innovative products and Applications

    CES 2017- media recommends the best smart display device Award

  • 2016

    CES2016Best Technology Award


    List of word-of-mouth listed companies in China—Best chairman of the Board of a listed company

    China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards: The Best CEO of Listed Companies

    Award of the 5th competition of Advanced Imaging Works of China

  • 2015

    The top fifty of listed companies with middle and small capital stocks in China
    Kangdexin window film-The top ten new brand award

    Award of Best Employers of China
    "KDX"— Famous brand of Jiangsu province

    Member of  Advanced Imaging Society

    Award of Best Quality

    Good Private-owned companies of Suzhou

  • 2014

    A member of IWFA
    3D Innovative Products and Applications Award
    Incubation base of China glasses free 3D optical technology application
    China 3D Industry Alliance certificate
    Member of the LCD branch of China optical photonics industry association

    Top 10 business leaders of listed companies in China

    Top 50 most-valued listed companies of SME board in China

    Top 10 New Brands of Car Accessories

  • 2013

    The top ten of listed companies with most potential growth and the top fifty of value
    The one with best public praise and management team among China quoted companies
    Golden Bauhinia Awards-Hong Kong
    The top  ten quoted companies issued by Securities Times
    The TOP 100 Zhongguancun high growth enterprises
    China 3D Industry Alliance 2013 China glasses-free 3D system
    Standardized and excellent work unit

    List of word-of-mouth listed companies in China—Best mangagement team of a listed company

    Top 10 potential companies of SME board in China

    List of word-of-mouth listed companies in China—Best mangagement team of a listed company

    Top 100 Board Secretaries of listed companies of SME board in China

  • 2012

    The 56th of the list of Forbes best potential enterprises
    Zhongguancun innovation platform of "1000 engineering" enterprise
    Certificates of Advanced Technology Enterprises
    Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone
    Certificate of new technology and new product (service)

    Top 10 China's leading business leaders

    Forbes's list of "China's most potential companies"

    Top 10 potential listed companies of SME board in China

    Top 50 most-valued listed companies of SME board in China

    Top 10 potential companies of SME board in China; Top 50 most-valued companies of SME board in China

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