Optoelectronic Materials


The Introduction of Optoelectronic Materials Business

KDX founded complete industry chain, full range of optical materials R&D and business group for Optoelectronic materials. Supply’s full range optical films; became the platform and R&D center of China advance high polymer materials; 10 core technology, more than 600 patents, near 900 kind of products, we have already became the total solution provider for high polymer materials.

The Whole Industry Chain for Optical Films

KDX is the world's largest optoelectronic material industry platform and has the only whole industry chain and the only full range with an annual output of 240 million square meters.

Seven Major Divisions

Display Material Division

Display material division is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of Prism, Diffuser, Lamination film, Cd-free QD film, Blue-light transfer film, Anti-blue light film, OLED tape, Vehicle display material, which already been widely used for consumer electronics, public, vehicle and AD display. With the continuous innovation distribution, KDX will keep learning on Intelligence, High-end, Environment-friendly, Energy-saving products and solutions in the future and willing to approach to the develop trending hand-in-hand and share the bright future with our clients.

Display material division is the sole supplier who can provide the total optical film solution from 3 inches to 100 inches, also the only one who has Cd-free Quantum dot film solution and the biggest lamination film manufacturer in China; By deepen cooperation with front-line clients from more than 80 countries and regions, the division keeps products innovating and business-model upgrading, and  development and reformation of LCD display industry.

Coating Materials Division

Coating material division is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of high-clean, high-performance and optical high-end product groups. Division currently has four product groups contain hard coating film, protective film, special adhesive tape, and ITO film and  hundreds kinds of niche products. Coating material division imported many coating lines including high-tech hard coating film, protective film, special adhesive tape, ITO film and several auxiliary lines with cutting machines, slitting machines, laminator and etc.

Coating material division team is combined with globalization and localization and adhering to the concept of providing customers with the most valuable and the most efficient service, meanwhile division team bases on personal growth and team success ,continuously explores innovation, forge ahead and grasp the nettle to provide customers with more excellent products and service.

Thermal Insulation and Safety Protection Division

Window film division is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of different types of optical insulation film products. Taking advantage of advanced equipment and technology, according to the four quality control system and up to 118 test item, the division can produce the perfect quality product. The product can be widely used in the field of architectural glass, automobile window and body.

Decorative Materials Division

Based on Kangde Xin industrial chain platform, decorative materials division regards the R&D and production of decoration film as the core. Meanwhile, the division continuously integrates high-quality resources of upstream and downstream, which has owned three large industry platforms represented by metal composite decorative material, digital decoration, and new material decoration. Nowadays, it widely serves for 3C appliances, home furnishing material, commercial entertainment and other fields, and is committed to creating a better life for people.

Meantime, the division develops carbon fiber decorative film, high performance PDLC film and other products,Improve the visual experience of consumers . 

Flexible Materials Division

Based on the supply of top level encapsulating material for flexible displays, flexible photovoltaic and wide color gamma displays, by the way of independent research and development, resource integration, the division continuously extends and integrates towards flexible application area. KDX has gained outstanding progress in conductive electrode with low resistivity, flexible encapsulation, flexible substrate, and flexible touch panel.

Relying on international high-level R&D team, KDX devotes itself to supply integrated flexible products solutions in the field of flexible electronics, smart cars, flexible cleaning energy and smart city to realize a win-win result. 

Large Touch Screen Division

Large touch screen division is professional engaged in research and development, production and sales of large-size capacitive touch screen. Based on KDX core technology of unique ultra low Resistance ITO thin film, the division builds a mass production line of large-size and large-scale with independent research and development, it’s annual capacity is 300,000 pieces (42 inch-98 inch) of GFF capacitive touch screen. The touch screen adopts the customization mode, and can provide 55 ", 65" and other standardized touch panel modules.

The company has so far the industry's most complete large-size RA and Technology testing Center and national laboratories, products in touch-control technology performance and reliability have reached the industry benchmarking level, have been extensive applicated in All-in-one Touch Machine, conference system, digital signage and many other fields,We can also provide all kinds of large-size touch screens for customization.

Extrusion Materials Division

Extrusion materials division is mainly engaged in the production of BOPET substrates and self-adhesive protective film, providing collaborative services to internal downstream sectors and optical film substrate and self-adhesive protective film products to external customers.

The main equipment of BOPET is imported from Japan and Germany. Cooperating with strict technical standard, the division can guarantee the reliable performance, outstanding quality of products. 

Self-adhesive protective film also imports latest equipment from Japan and Germany, Protective films of different viscosity with the characteristics like low crystal point, no residue, stable viscosity, high productivity and low viscosity . The protective film products are used in the production and protection of optical materials like brightness enhancement film, light guiding plate, touch screen glass, hardening film and optical PET and aluminum plastic film products.

Three Major Manufacturing Centers

Sputtering Manufacturing Center

Sputtering manufacturing center specializes in R2R sputtering coating on flexible substrates,mainly worked on ITO films, heat-insulating film, barrier film and other optical film’s production and R&D, products are widely used for touch control, display, heat insulating, energy-saving and other area.


This center is good at multi-functional optical film design and material integration, keeps launching in products based on profound technology accumulation and plentiful talent reserve and an abundant scientific research infrastructures; meanwhile the division helps customer enhance their next product with a cost-effective and custom-designed optical film service. With an efficient internal supply chain and multiple industry leading R2R coating production line and technology, the division gives the customers a competitive advantage by helping them make products that are thinner, more durable, better-performing and less expensive.

Resin Manufacturing Center

Resin manufacturing center is mainly engaged in polymer materials research, development and production. It is a production base of the polymer membrane material in the front of the optical film eco-circle and is a cornerstone of the core technology for the optical film ecological circle.

Resin manufacturing center has a strong independent research and development capability. It has independently developed more than 100 various kinds of adhesive and application products and has applied for more than 120 national patents.

Resin manufacturing center has a perfect quality management system. It maintains the first echelon status with the average 99.98% a grade production rate.

Resin Manufacturing Center

Drum Tooling Manufacturing Center mainly provides the precision roller for the production of R2R optical film, including V–grooving structural roller, Lenticular for 3D structural roller, Haze roller, Super mirror roller, Precision gravure roller and so on. In the field of optical film, the four drum core technologies which are precision alloy-electroplating, ultra-precision processing for various types of optical film, engraving for decorative film and chemical cleaning have been synchronized.

The center has the one package service of the mold production technology, In addition to the material being processed to provide their own required optical tooling, the company has advanced equipment of all countries like sub-micron ultra-precision CNC machine, super mirror polishing machine, optical-grade sandblasting machine, multi direction metal wire drawing machine and 3D laser engraving machine and equipment from different country.

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