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  1. Sliding windowsThe push-pull window is bigger, the advantage is saves the space from the street, like bathroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on, can use the sliding window far. Doors and windows hardware installed in the building doors and windows on a variety of metal and non-metallic accessories collectively. Play an auxiliary role in the opening and closing of doors and windows. The surface is generally plated or coated, with strong, durable, flexible, economical, beautiful and so on. The hardware of door and window can be divided into door lock, handle, support, hinge, hinge, door closer, handle, latch, window hook, anti-theft chain, door opening and closing device, etc. . More convenient drying clothes, etc. But the sliding window is bigger, the shortcoming is seals with a piece of wool, up and down has the slide rail, the seal performance is a little poor.

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    2. Open windows flatWindows are the most common windows in a house. Windows are larger and have the advantage of being well sealed. If your family lives on the street or in a noisy station, you can choose to open the windows.Of course, the bigger disadvantage is the flat open window space, and if there are children play can be careful not to bump up.Three. Open horizontally, rotate upwards, open inwardly and invert inwardlyOn the other hand, it's a welcome window. It's possible to open a window in your home and get some air. If it is worried about rain and so on, it is possible to open the interior in an open way and in a reverse way so that neither the rain nor the air is ventilated.Can be customized according to different doors, doors and windows in different rooms of the house hardware needs, open the way, you can also choose more. Of course, there are also hanging outside the window, and in the open window, the choice of window type is not many, because, the provisions of more than three layers can not open the window to open outside, outside the washing is not convenient. Of course, it can also be customized.image.png

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