Anay International was founded in 1947, is a global diversified group enterprise which covers the industrial distribution of automobile investment casting metal parts, hardware building door and window system, metal raw material supply, Global Building Materials supermarket operation and management, etc. , headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Anneca is a technology, industrial, economic and cultural center with a strong focus on specialization in every area of its business, with advanced technology, excellent products, high-quality service to achieve impressive performance./n/nIn 2019, the global development strategy of Annai International Group was further expanded, with the establishment of a wholly-owned Asian branch and the establishment of Annai Window Control Construction Hardware Co. , Ltd. , this marks Anneca's important milestone in Asia to achieve the group's asia-based core development strategy. Anai window control hardware took the lead in introducing the concept of "perfect opening and closing movement of doors and windows" into China, creating a precedent in motion comfort performance of door and window opening and closing system!/n/nAnai window control hardware focus on high-end door and window hardware systems, building doors and windows, aluminum profile field deep cultivation and expansion, set product research and development, manufacturing, technology applications and services in one, relying on the mature brand operation concept of anneca international headquarters and the solid team strength, ANNECA's high-end door and window hardware system has the industry-leading technology and advantages, serving all types of high-standard doors and Windows/curtain wall project applications, adhering to the group's consistent brand core, products strive for rigorous structure, meticulous technology, solid and durable features, the greatest extent of the German process of the persistent pursuit/n/nSo far, Anneca window control high-end door and window hardware system has a complete product system, and has continued to introduce new, so that the brand has been based on industry front-end.

Outstanding Engineering Design supported by local professionals

Outstanding Engineering Design supported by local professionals

International companies uphold the traditional concept of providing customized services, excellent design and manufacturing of the perfect combination
Anai hardware
Anai hardware
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